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how reiki works

What is Reiki?

There is not one perfect answer to this question.

Simplified, Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that calms the mind and reconnects mind, body + soul.

The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese characters

REI - Spiritual, Divine, Sacred

KI - Universal Life Force Energy, Prana, Chi

Reiki is the spark of energy that invites the flow of life. It’s in you and me, the trees and all creatures on the Earth. Everything has Ki and all that is alive is flowing with Reiki energy. You and most of the folks you know already use this innate Reiki. When you have a sore tummy, where do your hands go? A headache? Stress? Your body know’s you have healing hands and where to place them when it seeks harmony.

Receiving Reiki clears, aligns and supports your body's natural flow of energy to enhance your wellbeing on all levels. In this case (and all cases) your body is the healer.

spinach + reiki

How? Let’s take spinach as an example. This is something we generally consider to be healthy. When you eat spinach, is the farmer (the one who provides the spinach) the healer? Not quite. Is the spinach itself the healer? Nope. It’s the wisdom within your body that knows how to use the building blocks of spinach to create optimal health in the body. This is similar to how Reiki is received. You are offered a healing medium [spinach, Reiki...] and your body knows how to use the components of this medium to create optimal health in your body and on all levels of your being.

Reiki Practitioners are attuned to Reiki energy by a Reiki master/teacher. Why, if we can all use Reiki anyways, is this necessary? Receiving an attunement offers a clearing to the energetic channels/meridians and centres or chakras. This allows any blockages to clear so Reiki may be offered with ease to others. It also connects the practitioner to their lineage, which strengthens their ability to call Reiki energy with intention. This is a visualization offered by Susan MacDonald [Reiki master/teacher]. Imagine a beautiful river flowing easily through your body when a pebble of worry, fear or anger falls in and the flow is disrupted, becoming more restricted. During Reiki, the pure flow of energy is realigned in the body as it washes down, clearing obstructions and strengthening and renewing the flow of energy.

Benefits of Reiki include relaxation, pain relief, increased creativity, stress and anxiety relief, better understanding of self, reconnects body, mind & spirit and so much more.

It is safe for anyone to receive at any time.

Reiki is warm, comforting, respectful and holds the intention of supporting healing. To heal means to make whole. Reiki supports each person to harness their body’s own natural way to heal.

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If this is feeling up your alley book yourself a Reiki Session HERE

If you'd like to explore becoming a Reiki practitioner learn more about Reiki Training HERE

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