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amie young facial reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton

facial reflexology

ready to find inner harmony?

yin & yang

Facial reflexology [Dien Chan + Chan'beauté] work by using the information you know about yourself + more importantly the signals and symptoms shared by your body during each session. There is one thread that connects the workings of this expansive modality and that is the principles of yin + yang.

Optimal health requires that all parts and systems of our body work in harmony. Yin + yang energy/characteristics offer us a way to connect with dis-harmony, inviting a shift back towards a peaceful healthy state.

YIN | energy is feminine in nature with cool, still, restful, hydrating, dark, soft and slow qualities. There are organs of the body which thrive in a yin state such as the kidneys and lungs.

YANG | energy is masculine in nature with active, positive, heat, upward moving, bright and dry qualities. Examples of organs thriving in yang energy include the bladder & intestines.


Where there is dis-harmony, which we might call symptoms, we seek harmony and utilize the wisdom of opposites in yin + yang to guide us there.

dien chan

The face is a microcosm of the whole body. Through Dien Chan [facial reflexology] you'll a gain new awareness of your body & its potential as you bring the power of healing back into your own hands. There is no lengthy intake process because your outsides always reflect your insides, during the treatment your body is the ultimate guide. Relaxing, restoring, empowering and an experience like no other. Facial reflexology will have you enamoured with the miracle that is your body and experiencing meaningful shifts in well being.

amie young facial reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton
amie young facial reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton

building bridges

The marvels of this modality are achievable because Dien Chan works to bridge the infinite connections woven throughout the body and your own cybernetic matrix. Using a combination of diagrams, reflex zones and points, linking similarities in different parts of the body and yin + yang principles we build bridges between dis-harmony + harmony. Ultimately inviting the whole and well functioning parts of you to support and harmonize those that are not functioning optimally.

Offering a truly wholistic modality.






whole body focus


what can i expect during a session?

One Dien Chan session is never the same as another. During your session you can expect to lie comfortably on a massage table, supported by props and covered with a blanket. You will experience the use of multi reflex tools, beautiful & healing skin care along with skilled touch as we connect with the signals your body shares. The intention of the session is to align your body with its natural healthy rhythms & energy levels. 

what are the benefits

Dien Chan and Chan'beauté offer benefits on all levels - body, mind + soul. Among the long list of reasons to engage with these healing modalities are

skin nourishment & care

deep relaxation

improved circulation

stress reduction

fertility & reproductive health

depression, anxiety & PTSD support

pain management

reduced fatigue

hormonal balance


improved recovery time

blood sugar & blood pressure support

resolve aches & pains

graceful aging

improved mobility

menstrual cycle regulation/support

nervous system regulation

improved flexibility

mental clarity

healthy digestion

thyroid support

chronic illness ease and support


lymphatic health

scar tissue care

cognitive function

oral health


and so much more...

I’ve received reflexology and facial reflexology from Amie during pregnancy recently and WOW! The reflexology was incredible in helping address some discomfort I was experiencing with my physical body that was growing, as well as offering some much needed mama to be time off my feet and be pampered! The facial reflexology session I had was during pregnancy and days before my wedding! What bliss! My skin felt incredible and the pampering as well as tension reducing at such a stage in my life was magical! Amie IS magical! I always look forward to my next visit :)

- Angela, Collingwood, ON

experience facial reflexology yourself

amie young facial reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton
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