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amie young bespoke wholistic care

wholistic care

I'm Amie, Reiki master, reflexologist, nutritionist and intuitive healer.
I am here to connect with your inner wisdom, the guidance of your body, mind & soul, so that you may step further into your greatest life.

The foundations of my practice and all I offer are:

clarity | connection | trust

CLARITY | When we meet we'll get clear on what you want to call into your life, what you'd like to heal and we'll shine light on your intentions for our time together. Not quite sure? I can help with that too!

CONNECTION | There are many pathways to the shifts you seek. One of my passions is combining my knowledge, experience and intuition to build bridges that support a realistic journey to heart-led living and feeling the way you want.

TRUST | Trust is a gateway we must walk through together. It is the catalyst for alchemy beyond your imagination. Trust in each other and trust that changes you wish to manifest are available to you. Where there is trust everything is possible.

amie young | reiki | reflexology | healing

you hold the key

to living your best life

and I can help you

find + follow the
heart-led path

to feeling, thinking

and living well.

reiki reflexology mandala healing


a unique offering that is curated to meet your needs

and enhance your experience.


amie young | facial reflexology | dien chan

facial reflexology

This combination treatment cares for your face and whole body using nourishing skin care, reflexology zones/points & facial reflexology tools. During this wholistic facial you will experience a head-to-toe rebalancing of your life force energies.

amie young foot reflexology

foot reflexology

Support all parts, organs and systems of your body through your feet. This non-invasive technique offers relaxation & tension relief with a heaping does of inner harmony. Allow this wholistic treatment to bring improved circulation and balance to your whole self.

lymphatic facial reflexology

radiant healing

Love your lymphatic system with radiant healing. These sessions are also incredible if you have scar tissue/cellulite. During your session you'll learn more about your body & receive a full and focused treatment that will have you feeling lighter and at home in your body.

amie young | reiki | reiki training


Safe, gentle & profound, Reiki is accessible to everyone and compliments all wellness goals. This traditional relaxation technique brings harmony to your whole being. Release tension, let go of stress and allow healing during this gentle, wholistic session. 

amie young reiki training

reiki training

If you feeling called to take your healing journey to another level, Reiki training may be the right fit for you. Learn more about what training with me is like. I am currently running all reiki training in a one-on-one style. Group training to resume in 2024.

amie young | black pearl | singhampton, ontario

black pearl

Black Pearl facilitates the release of deep seated trauma, releases blockages and restores harmony to the energetic centres of the body, enhances a feeling of groundedness and much more. Allow yourself to be guided into a state of deep relaxation

looking to elevate your well being? find the right package for you below!.

not sure which session is a fit?

let's connect and find the best starting

place for you

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Within you there is the powerful, innate ability to bring health and harmony to your body and your life!

Amie creates a space where I feel seen, heard and valued which has been so important in my healing journey.
She's one of a kind.

Leith - Collingwood

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Amie. It was very relaxing, and I also learned a lot about my body while I was there. Can’t wait for another session!

Amanda - Collingwood

I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Amie and my little feet have always been happiest after a reflexology session!

Jess - Creemore

are you willing to meet your boundaries, embrace your limits and shift into a life beyond imagination?
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