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welcome to sanctuari

bespoke • intuitive • wholistic care

Sanctuari is a space to feel safe, heard and

connected to your inner wisdom.

Whether you are here for a session or a season

I look forward to working with you.

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awaken your inner healer

12 week guided series

Embark on a journey to meet

your intuition and your inner healer.

We are all born with healing hands, compassionate hearts and intuitive brains, which means we all have the capacity beyond our wildest understanding to heal, manifest and create a life that radiates light and joy.

Embrace healing and wellness in your body and your life through a variety of self care tools, learning to tap into your greatest resource - your intuition, and creating space to receive nourishing care through bespoke holistic modalities.

This entire series is guided by your needs and what is showing up in your life.


The process is fluid. The results are lasting.

Align with your inner power & get ready to flourish!

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Within you there is the powerful, innate ability to bring health and harmony to your body and your life!

- amie


reiki training

level one | level two


Learn the ancient healing modality of Reiki and

engage in spiritual growth.

People participate in Reiki trainings for many reasons. Perhaps you have received Reiki in the past, heard of it from another or feel called to it for an unknown reason. It might be something you'd like to share with others or build as a profession . It may be a tool you use solely for self healing.

No matter the motivation Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive technique that is complimentary to all lifestyles. It has the wisdom to meet you where you are at and offer you exactly what you need. 

One of the greatest gifts in my life is sharing Reiki with others.

services by amie


During this whole body focused facial you will experience a head to toe rebalancing of your lifeforce energies. We will also work on any goals/challenges you bring with you.

Sanctuari, Amie Young, Foot Reflexology, Holistic Healing

Support all parts, organs and systems of the body by working with your feet. This non-invasive technique offers relaxation & tension relief with a heaping does of inner harmony.

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aka Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming has been practiced the world over by generations of women. Learn how this traditional healing modality can bring shifts to your wellbeing.

Sanctuari, Amie Young, Reiki, Holistic Healing

Safe, gentle and profound. Reiki is accessible to everyone and compliments all wellness goals. This traditional relaxation technique brings harmony to your whole being.

Sanctuari, Amie Young, Reiki Training, Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two, Holistic Healing

Connect with this ancient healing modality on a deeper level. Experience self care through healing touch and learn how sharing Reiki can shift your life.


Soothe your nervous system and experience a gentle, profound energetic reset. Black Pearl invites you into a deep state of relaxation allowing your mind, body and spirit to engage in healing.

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