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amie young bespoke wholistic care

energy +

reflex therapy

harmonize your mind, body + soul

I'm Amie, Reiki master, reflex therapist + nutritionist.
I am here to connect with your inner wisdom, the guidance of your body, mind & soul, so that you may step further into your greatest life.

The foundations of my practice and all I offer are:

clarity | connection | trust

CLARITY | When we meet we'll get clear on what you want to call into your life, what you'd like to heal and we'll shine light on your intentions for our time together. Not quite sure? I can help with that too!

CONNECTION | There are many pathways to the shifts you seek. One of my passions is combining my knowledge, experience and intuition to build bridges that support a realistic journey to heart-led living and feeling the way you want.

TRUST | Trust is a gateway we must walk through together. It is the catalyst for alchemy beyond your imagination. Trust in each other and trust that changes you wish to manifest are available to you. Where there is trust everything is possible.

amie young | reiki | reflexology | healing
reiki reflexology mandala healing


a unique offering that is curated to meet your needs
and enhance your experience.



Jes | Creemore, ON

“I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Amie and my little feet have always been happiest after a reflexology session."

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