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community events

Human connection is vital to our health & healing. This is an invitation to connect, gather, learn, share, express & grow love in like hearted community! Take a look at the calendar below to learn more about events and other community offerings.

reiki collective
amie young community events singhampton ontario

reiki collective

Are you new to Reiki? Have you been attuned to Reiki & feel that you are a little out of touch? Are you a practitioner of any level?


Wherever you are on your Reiki journey, this collective offers a safe, welcoming environment to receive & share the precious gift that Reiki is. All levels & lineages welcome, always.


What happens at a Reiki Collecive?

We open our time together by connecting with a group meditation. If you have not been attuned to Reiki I will then share with you how to offer White Light Healing. We divide the remaining time by the number of participants and tables in use and proceed to share loving energy one-by-one. While on the table there may be two or five other sharing Reiki with you. It is a beautiful & healing experience. During a collective the time you spend receiving Reiki is shorter than a regular Reiki session, you will receive Reiki from several pairs of hands enriching your experience.

Water, tea and light snacks are provided.


Join us for a beautiful evening in compassionate community.

amie young community events collingwood ontario

rest well

restorative yoga • sound healing • reiki

Hosted at Yurt Wellness | Collingwood, ON

Prepare to feel held while you are showered with healing vibrations. Let the supported stillness of restorative yoga invite deep relaxation while you are bathed in healing frequencies of sound and Reiki energy.


You will be guided through a series of bolstered, restorative poses designed to relax your body and mind. The asanas (postures) are held for 5 to 15 minutes facilitating a calm, meditative state. The layers of healing sound and hands on reiki cultivate an expanded state of awareness allowing you to truly rest in the now.


Join Justine & Amie for an evening that nourishes you in body, mind & soul. Everything you need will be provided for you.

This intimate session offers 

  • deep relaxation

  • body, mind, spirit connection

  • small group setting

  • full sound bath each session

  • release of physical and mental tension

  • space to completely nourish yourself for 90 minutes each week


Rest Well is for all bodies, of all ages and ability. 

All are welcome, always. 

Props will be provided.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, bring water/tea and leave plenty of space between eating and arriving.

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