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Human connection is vital to our health + healing.

This is an invitation to connect, gather, learn, share, express & grow love in like hearted community!

Take a look at the calendars below to learn more about events + other community offerings.


seasonal reiki collective

Are you new to Reiki? Have you been attuned to Reiki & feel that you are a little out of touch? Are you a practitioner of any level?


Wherever you are on your Reiki journey, this collective offers a safe, welcoming environment to receive + share the precious gift that Reiki is. All levels + lineages welcome, always.


What happens at a Reiki Collecive?

We open our time together by connecting with a group meditation. If you have not been attuned to Reiki I will then share with you how to offer White Light Healing. We divide the remaining time by the number of participants and tables in use and proceed to share loving energy one-by-one. While on the table there may be two or five other sharing Reiki with you. It is a beautiful + healing experience. During a collective the time you spend receiving Reiki is shorter than a regular Reiki session, you will receive Reiki from several pairs of hands enriching your experience.

Investment $30 +hst

Join us for a beautiful evening in compassionate community.


vaginal steaming | workshop


Join Amie Young, a trained peristeam hydrotherapy facilitator and learn the origins of this ancient healing modality, how it works, the benefits + contraindications and how to practice this healing art for yourself.


Peristeam Hydrotherapy, aka vaginal or yoni steaming, is a practice for all stages of womanhood [from pre menarche to menopause + beyond]. It is an act of self love + care that can heal on many levels while inspiring a deeper connection to the cycles of your body.


Vaginal Steaming may benefit


hormonal harmony

fibroids + cysts



vaginal dryness

low libido


menopause + beyond

cyclists [bladder infections]

prolapse [uterine, bladder + rectal]

postpartum care

painful and/or heavy periods

short or long cycles


hot flashes + night sweats

healing after loss/miscarriage

menarche preparation


The beauty of vaginal steaming is that it is accessible to all. At minimum you require access to clean water, a vessel for the water and a means to warm the water. This powerful practice truly brings your health + wellbeing into the care of your own healing hands.


*workshop includes a womb loving elixir + personalized steam set up plan

** we will NOT be actively steaming during this workshop ❤️


cycle awareness
CA web.png
Shine light on your energetic ebbs + flows and learn to harness the raw power of feminine cycles.


I’ll bet you are familiar with the seasons of the YEAR.

I’ll bet you have an understanding of the different phases or seasons of your LIFE.

I’ll even bet that you have an understanding of the 24 hour DAY clock called the circadian rhythm.


I wonder, do you know that each phase of your menstrual cycle is a microcosm of these cycles listed above?


MENSTRUATION - inner winter, the crone, midnight

FOLLICULAR - inner spring, the virgin, morning

OVULATION - inner summer, the mother, noon

LEUTIAL - inner autumn, the wild woman, afternoon


This is just the tip of the tampon applicator!


There are so many clues appearing right before us, sharing with us a better way to live in harmony with our own nature, to have more energy, to feel like ourselves and to have a wildly, vivacious zest for life.


You may think - that sounds nice… but I’ve got so much going on in my life and my body to try and figure this out. Maybe next life.


I implore you to come, have a listen and give this a real shot.


This wisdom and these tools hasve changed my life, the lives of many I know and as a woman I just know that there is something here for YOU as well.


The best part? Expanding your understanding of your inner and outer cycles allows you to learn about past patterns, potential causes for physical + emotional challenges and heal pathways that have caused imbalance in body, mind + soul.


If you are in your menstruating years, swimming in the river of perimenopause or looking at life from the high peaks of menopause this exploration can offer you an opportunity for profound reflection.


As there is much to unveil in regards to cycle awareness, we’ll work to cover the basics and you’ll come away with wisdom + tools to put into action right away.

See BELOW ⇩ for workshop details.

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