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amie young black pearl singhampton ontario

black pearl

peaceful release
of deep seated trauma

Black Pearl Technique as created by Donna Eden and Dr. Sara Allen offers you and your body a chance to truly relax and let go. This soothing treatment aligns your electric circuitry, offering nourishing care for you and your nervous system.

fight or flight

Black Pearl runs deep, invites you to let go and offers support in all the right ways. This session nurtures your amygdala, guiding it to return to its natural relaxed state. The amygdala is a group of brain cells and home to our emotional and fight-or-flight response. When the amygdala perceives we are unsafe in any way it will prioritize survival over healing. ⁠

Why is this important?⁠
To experience healing on all levels the amygdala must be completely at ease.⁠

Wholistic at its core, Black Pearl works on the whole person - body, mind & soul. Leaving you with a peaceful clarity that integrates for up to 14 days after your session.⁠

amie young black pearl singhampton ontario
amie young black pearl singhampton ontario

your session

Grounded in the principles of Eastern medicine, black pearl offers relaxation and restoration as you spend 90 minutes nourishing your nervous system, body & soul.


Gentle touch and rhythmic rocking combined with energy work and meridian connection restore your energetic pathways and cultivate a state of ease and safety.


This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Black pearl remains with you for up to two weeks following your session as it integrates, continuing the harmonize you on all levels.

Black Pearl is a great seasonal offering.
A way to remain in balance throughout the year.

black pearl

Is the perfect session for:

  • periods of great stress

  • PTSD

  • processing/ releasing greif

  • adrenal rejuvination

  • concussion

  • menopause

  • recovery of any kind [physical, mental, emotional]

  • energy increase

  • improved sleep


and heaps more...

gentle healing


natural healing


wholistic healing


experience the benefits
for yourself

  • release deep seated trauma + tension

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    1 hr 30 min

    From 140 Canadian dollars
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