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amie young black pearl singhampton ontario


release deep seated trauma

Developed by Donna Eden and Susan XXX this energetic treatment aligns your electric circuitry to offer deep relaxation, release and care for you and your nervous system.

fight or flight

A gentle, non-invasive means to invite balance and harmony to your mind, body & soul. Steeped in the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui and enriched with the divine wisdom of the universe this modality has much to offer all that find it. This form of energy work promotes healing on all levels. Reiki will meet you where you are at and provide you with exactly what you need,

every single time.

amie young black pearl singhampton ontario
amie young black pearl singhampton ontario

power points

A Reiki session provides gentle holistic support that focuses on your whole self leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. It is like coming home to yourself, setting down the busy, heavy, painful aspects of your life and resting in the comfort of the energy that naturally flows through you. Each Reiki session is different because both you and the universe are constantly changing. 

gentle healing


natural healing


wholistic healing



what can i expect during a reiki session?

During a Reiki session you lie fully clothed on a massage table, supported by props and covered with a blanket. I practice hands on Reiki and work intuitively to connect with each system of your body. Each session begins with a check-in and lasts 60 - 90 minutes, dependant on booking. 

the benefits of black pearl

While you lay comfortably on the table, drifting deeper and deeper into relaxation your body will soften and connect with safety....

deep relaxation

pain relief/management

ancestral healing

better sleep

improved energy levels

headache/migraine relief

immune & digestive support

improved recovery/healing

stress & anxiety relief

strengthened connection to self

PTSD support

addiction support

Imagine someone gave you a bowl of beautiful, healthy spinach. You eat the spinach and feel great. Where did that great feeling come from? The farmer? The grocer? The spinach? OR Your body that knew how to integrate the needed components of the spinach to offer you exactly what you needed?

Receiving Reiki is kinda like eating this beautiful spinach. Your magnificent body is offered a healing medium, knows how to use it and creates harmony as a result.

experience black pearl yourself

book your session in

deep relaxation awaits...

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