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amie young reiki certification


Reiki is the life force energy, prana, or qi that flows through all things. It is what animates us. Coincidentally it can make us feel good and facilitate healing while bringing harmony in mind, body & spirit.


amie young reiki training

If you feeling called to take your healing journey to another level, Reiki training may be the right fit for you. I'd love to connect with you and find out more about where you are in life and what invites you to engage with energy work.

Before we chat I invite you to take a look at the information below describing each training and a bit more about what Reiki certification offers.

start your training now

Let's connect and talk more about the details of Reiki Level One certification.

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amie young reiki certification
Reiki allowed me to listen to my inner Self with clarity and compassion. It offered me a way to connect with the world around me in new and incredible ways and most of all it helped me feel safe in my body.⁠

reasons people complete reiki training


self healing & exploration

This is the primary focus of level one training and some practitioners remain here in their relationship with Reiki. While deep healing is available what may be even more powerful as you move through your own Reiki journey is the way the world around and inside of you changes.

caregivers & loved ones

The call to offer care, support, relief or healing to those you care for is a great one. Reiki is a wonderful way to support those in your care because it is non-invasive, gentle, profound and can be practiced anywhere, at anytime. An important note to the caregivers - self Reiki is a way to restore your own balance and wellbeing.

professional practitioners

Reiki is complementary to pretty well everything you do, which makes it a great way to serve the community. From offering Reiki on its own or Reiki infused goods/service we can chat about your vision so you feel confidant in how you will incorporate and share Reiki in business.

I had an unforgettable experience taking Reiki training with Amie in January 2022. Amie is very knowledgeable in this field and a great facilitator. Also, Amie kindly provides her space and openly shares her expertise with the participants of monthly Reiki Collective circles. I greatly enjoy the Reiki Collective circles with Amie!

- Inna, Collingwood, ON

You may enter your training with one intention and notice you complete your training with another.

This is both common and perfect!

Whether you intend to use Reiki as a pathway toward self healing or share it with others it can offer great shifts including:

  • emotional wellness

  • stress reduction

  • pain relief

  • support during times of transition (loss, life changes...)

  • immune support

  • improved sleep

  • anxiety & overwhelm

  • feelings of loneliness or disconnection

ready to take the next step?

Let's connect and talk more about your understanding, vision and expectations of Reiki certification. Then we can get your training booked and let the Reiki flow.

amie young reiki training

I had a Reiki treatment with Amie and was impressed by her intuitive ability, her vast knowledge and her true passion for all things Reiki. After having the treatment, I made the decision to continue my Reiki learning journey and signed up for Reiki Level One. I knew that Amie was the perfect teacher that would share her knowledge and answer all my questions and alleviate any worries and insecurities that I was feeling. She's an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend her to everyone.

- Eileen, Toronto, ON

I love being part of the Reiki community that Amie is creating. I completed my Reiki Level I with Amie in May 2021, and Reiki Level II in January 2022. I really appreciate how Amie encouraged me to space out these trainings, so I could embody the learnings before proceeding further. I also love how Amie honours the lineage of teachers through whom these teachings have been handed down, to be with us today. I can feel Amie’s respect for her teachers and the sacred-ness of the teachings, and that she is passing the teachings on with this respect and sacredness in mind and heart. I have always felt that Amie creates a space of acceptance and non-judgement while she holds space for others to explore and be vulnerable in. I also love being a part of Amie’s reiki shares and community. Through these shares, I have met other practitioners with who I have become friends, and also know engage in Reiki exchanges with. If you are looking for a Reiki Master to deepen your study and practice of Reiki with, I highly recommend connecting with Amie!

- Kathy, Collingwood, ON

amie young reiki certification

have you previously completed Reiki training and want to reconnect or retrain?

You are not alone. I have worked with a number of practitioners that completed training years ago, online or very quickly and feel the need to reconnect or retrain in the practice.

You may recall that once you have been attuned to Reiki it remains with you for life. I can understand the longing, however, to dive in once again and soak up more Reiki wisdom. I have students that have learned Reiki in other ways and go on to complete a training with me and even a few of my own students that want to go deeper and re-train.

If this resonates with you I'd love to extend an invitation to attend the monthly Reiki Collectives I host.

If you are feeling lost and want to chat about Reiki or even recertification I'd be more than happy to help you re-engage with Reiki.

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