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flax seed gel

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

This incredible tonic can be used in so many ways. I LOVE it for my hair. It also feels quite wonderful on the skin as a plumping hydrator and for skin that has had a little too much sun. The gel is not thick and sticky like hair gel and it doesn't leave a film like aloe can. BONUS - you can also add it to smoothies to enjoy the mucilaginous properties of the flax [soothing gut irritation & toxin absorption]

TO NOTE | make small batches as this is a food product free of stabilizing chemicals.

This recipe is an approximate, being specific isn't so important here... so relax and have fun!


2 cups best water you have access to

1/4 cup flax seeds [whole are best] all types are fine

Options | add as many as you like, create your own cocktail!

*USING ESSENTIAL OILS is not advised. They are very strong and can offer undesired effects.Your body, your life, your choice.

1 tbsp dried rosemary [great for hair growth and curls!]

2 whole cloves [stimulates hair follicles]

2 tbsp horsetail [so much silica! great for strong flexible hair]

1 tsp lavender [soothe itchy scalp & skin]


  1. Boil water, remove from heat

  2. Add flax seeds [and herbs if using]

  3. Let steep for 30 min to 4 hours [or overnight]

  4. Add to a French press and press to separate seeds from gel. If you don't have a French press pour mixture into cheese cloth to separate. The finished product will be the consistency of egg whites [or as I usually say it's like nice healthy cervical mucus]

Store in the fridge when not in use. Stays fresh for approx 5 days [depending on if and which herbs used]

Share, indulge and enjoy!

This recipe came into my awareness via Denise Watkins and her beautiful dreadloc wisdom. You can find her @loccrush on instagram and shop her flax gel kits at !

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