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healing seeds

Updated: May 30

Small and mighty - ear seeds offer continued care that may just be the boost you need!

From digestive care and improved energy levels to hormonal balance and better sleep ear seeds have a lot to offer.

If you are on a healing journey the practice of auricular therapy is something worth trying.

These tiny helpers have been long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and more recently in the practice of auricular therapy as instituted by Dr. Paul Nogier in the mid 1900s. Ear seeds have been improving people's wellbeing for millennia and it's time for you to get in on this incredibleness!

Like other areas of the body the ear is a microcosm of the whole body. This means we can work with the ear much like we do with the feet in reflexology, which is brilliant. Where do ear seeds come in? They allow for constant stimulation of reflex points, fortifying the healing shifts your body needs.

Vaccaria plant - origin of traditional ear seeds
Vaccaria plant - origin of traditional ear seeds

How do they work?

To begin the point(s) of interest is detected on the ear using a map and the informed skill of your practitioner. Then a small seed [like the seeds from this viccaria plant, image on the left] or metal ball [gold, silver, stainless steel or brass] is pressed into that point and held in place by a small plaster/sticker. Once all seeds are in place they stay there for 4 to 5 days. Each point is now receiving constant engagement. On the days the seeds are in place it's best to massage or press each seed a few times a day, this stimulates the points further and facilitates any shifts you many experience. Once removed you spend 1 or 2 days seedless and massage your whole ears on those days. This is one full cycle. Typically you will complete three to 5 cycles to experience meaningful change.

Ear seeds can be used as a therapy on their own and they also compliment other treatments [like reflexology] really well. Once a seed placement/protocol is chosen you can continue care yourself or return for follow up sessions.

I LOVE EAR SEEDS for two reasons. ONE | they are simple. TWO | if you feel inspired you can apply them yourself and I am all about reminding you that your healing lies in your hands!

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