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amie young foot reflexology collingwood singhampton hamilton


wholistic whole body care awaits

To care for your feet is to care for your whole self.

- amie young

Invest in your healing journey with a package
for 3, 6 & 12 sessions

the reflex arc

Your incredible body is connected in more ways than we may ever know. In terms of reflexology the matrix we engage with is the nervous system. Your entire body, inside & out is represented by nerve endings in your feet. When we engage with the zones on the feet that correspond to various body parts we ignite what's called the reflex arc. This built-in harmonizing system works in some ways like a computer. Press the 'stomach' button, send message to brain, brain talks to stomach and offers balance to any dis-ease. It's simple and miraculous!

amie young foot reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton
amie young foot reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton

whole body care

No matter your reasons for coming to a reflexology session we always work with the whole of you. This is because every part of you is connected to and supports every part of you. It is also because we cannot always be certain of the origin of dis-ease in the body from minor aches and pains to greater tissue issues. We facilitate the innate healing ability of the body in this way and inspiring shifts are often the result. Reflexology works with the body, it does not force the body to do anything.








what can i expect during a session?

You can expect to be welcomed into a safe and comfortable environment. I will walk through the session with you so you know what to expect and we'll talk about follow up care as well. During the session you'll lie, fully clothed on a massage table [naked from toes to knees] and I will be working on your feet using my hands and sometimes facial reflexology tools to offer optimal effect.

what are the benefits

Like many wholistic modalities, foot reflexology has a long list of benefits. My training originates in the field of reproductive wellness, fertility, pregnancy, loss and postpartum. I have since worked will all kinds of feet and have seen incredible shifts experienced by clients from no longer relying on pain medication to no more hot flashes to improved self confidence.

Among the long list of reasons to connect with foot reflexology are

deep relaxation

improved circulation

stress reduction

fertility & reproductive harmony

depression, anxiety & PTSD support

pain management

reduced fatigue

hormonal balance


improved recovery time

blood sugar & blood pressure support

foot challenges

aging gracefully

improved mobility

menstrual cycle regulation/support

nervous system regulation

improved flexibility

mental clarity

healthy digestion

thyroid support

and so much more...

Amie is one of those sweet souls who is so giving of her time, knowledge, and energy. Whatever has lead you to her, know that you are right where you need to be and you are in good hands. Amie’s wholistic approach to wellness has something for everyone and her passion for helping others shines in everything she does. I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Amie and my little feet have always been happiest after a reflexology session!

- Jess, Creemore, ON

experience foot reflexology yourself

amie young foot reflexology singhampton collingwood hamilton

interested in committing to your reflexology journey?

Packages available to make booking easy and lighten the cost of care. All packages are valid for both Reiki and foot reflexology session. Build the care you want.

Packages only available for use in Singhampton Healing Space.

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