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nourish membership


Experience the benefits of regular, healing sessions with this bespoke package. Enjoy monthly sessions at a 25% discount + the flexibility to book additional sessions at 15% off the full price. Each month you can book a Reiki or Foot Reflexology session to meet your needs.

This is a six month or bi-annual membership that can be purchased anytime. All sessions take place at my home healing space in Singhampton, ON.

Membership Details:

  • One full Reiki or Foot Reflexology session per month

  • Book additional sessions at 15% off full price [Available on ALL SERVICES. Classes + events not applicable]

  • Sessions do not carry over - the intention is to encourage regular self care

  • Membership covers six months of committed care

  • Option to renew membership

Investment | $83 +hst/month

Reiki + Reflexology 60 min. session 
Full Price: $111 +hst 
Membership Price: $83 +hst  [save $28]
Additional sessions: $94 +hst [save $17]

Invest in your own well-being and sign up for your

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reiki & reflexology packages

amie young community

When we are in harmony with our true nature,
we can see through all that is not real
and engage in profound transformation. 

- amie young

are you ready to shift?

Have you tried Reiki or reflexology and noticed positive changes in your body and/or self? Receiving regularly offers benefits beyond relaxation and short lived relief from pain. It is a wonderful way to explore a modality and see if it's a fit for you. To discover if it's a healing tool you can use on your journey towards optimal wellbeing. 

Gift yourself the opportunity to GO DEEP, see what lies beyond your current reality and engage with transformation on a new level.

Give yourself permission to invest in YOU.

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