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the light in the storm

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

I'd love to share a story with you. It has all the makings of a Hallmark Christmas movie - except this actually happened to me and my family.

It was Christmas Eve and across Ontario we were getting quite the blizzard. That afternoon my husband Nathaniel was driving home from his parents house. He had left around 2pm and we were checking in along his drive as there were several road closures to navigate. As afternoon turned to evening he called with the news he was stuck in a drift in the middle of nowhere. Kona (our dog) and I got in my car to go find him in the middle of nowhere in a wild blizzard. I am a calm and confident winter driver. This was the most intense driving I’ve experienced in my 24 years of driving by far. Eventually after plowing through countless 2 and 3 feet high snow drifts, navigating ice, high winds and near-zero visibility we found him. While we were on our way a local farmer also found Nathaniel and offered him a place to stay for the night. Nate told them I was a few minutes away and we were going to make the drive home.

Once we got settled in my car (beyond grateful that my marvelous Subaru is such a beast) we turned around and headed home. Just as we did this my driver side wiper froze and one of my headlights went out, meaning my reduced visibility was now almost nothing. We made it about 2 kms from Nate's car when we came across a car stopped in the middle of the road. We stopped to see if they were ok. The driver had been there since 2pm, it was now almost 6pm. We tried to push her to no avail. We tried to get in front of her and then we too became stuck. The blizzard raged on around us. We called CAA and the OPP. No one could reach us - as you might imagine they were all busy that evening. We called the farmer Nate had met and here is where the miracle begins.

They shared homes nearby that were willing to take us in, which would mean us trekking for a while in the wild snow and a better option than sleeping in the car. After a few back and forths, they shared that their parents were really close to us and we could all go there. In fact they decided to drive their tractor over and ferry us, one by one to our Christmas blizzard oasis. The farmer took the young woman to the house first as there was NO WAY our Kona was getting in the tractor. When he came back for us he plowed around us and created a turn around spot. I’d never witnessed such expertise in tractor driving as I did that evening. He and Nate hooked my car up to be pulled from the snow and we were able to drive our car to the home of his parents. The farmer and his father then went back to get the other car too! The kindness just poured out of this beautiful family like an ever flowing river! When we arrived there was dinner ready for us with a warm welcome.

After settling, eating and doing a Christmas puzzle together we all went to sleep. On Christmas morning we awoke to a beautiful farm fresh breakfast. The house we were staying in was a massive, beautiful farmhouse and the property was just incredible. It was honestly as though we were in a Christmas movie! Our eventual trip home later that morning was as la-dee-da as they come, the sun was out and the roads were clear.

On boxing day Nathaniel’s car was delivered to us by CAA. No fuss, no muss!

During this whole adventure, from the time Kona and I geared up to find Nate to the time his car was delivered, I had zero stress about what the outcome would be. Never, not one bit. This actually surprised me at times because there were certainly some dicey moments. I leaned comfortably into my trust in God (source, fate, spirit, the universe, whatever you like to call divine consciousness.) I kept my body relaxed and shared the gratitude and light in my heart with all beings. As though I might be a beacon in the depths of this blizzard for those in need. I knew we would be safe on our journey and there was some greater purpose to all of it.

Each time I share this tale, I can feel the people listening lift and lighten. It’s almost as if I can see belief in kindness grow in their hearts.

I am deeply grateful for this whole experience and for each new person I met that evening. Life is a miracle filled with mystery and magic.

May you and your loved ones be surrounded by kindness & love. And when you are able, may you be inspired to share kindness with those you encounter.


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What an amazing, love and kindness filled story! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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