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Our Story

The Wise Women Summit was born from a group of women that connected through desire to collaborate, share, learn & grow

in community and as individuals.


We're passionate about creating space for women. Our intention is for you to connect with yourself and the community of sisters around you, allowing you to shine and raise the vibration of your community.


We like to run things a bit differently. Your voice is powerful, and we’re dedicating to making you part of the conversation. Each event creates a platform for you to connect and implement newfound learnings that suits your individual needs.


We are a commUnity. We’ve pooled our unique talents to create an event that allows for intuitive feminine knowledge to flourish in our modern world, and that teaches women-identifying individuals how to incorporate these healing modalities into your everyday lives and respond with nurturing compassion and inclusivity.

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Wisdom Keepers


The Summit



Starts March 8th, 2021

International Women's Day

5 Wise Women Gatherings


Full Moon Circle

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March 8 | Menstruality* with Nikki Zavitz

7PM to 830PM

Join Nikki for an evening of connection on Menstruality, and the stigma that we inherit as cyclical beings. We will explore the importance of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and the beautiful possibilities that arise when we broaden the narrative and come together as a community of women who have embraced the many gifts of our Menstrual Journeys.


For those who attend, you will receive a Digital Cycle Sync Pack with tangible activities for each phase of the cycle, as well as a chance to win a free registration for my Cycle Sense Group Workshop that is in person at the Pretty River Red Tent.


March 10 | Body Language* with Amie Young

7PM to 830PM

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say we store emotions in our bodies? Where do they go? Do they stay there forever? 


Spend time connecting with your body and listen to the beauty of your being. Amie will share practical how-to’s that help you articulate the language of your body. You will gain a deeper understanding of what and where those “stuck” emotions are and to invite your emotional energy to shift and perhaps dissolve. 


For this session you might like to have a journal handy, a candle to set the scene and comfortable clothes as we will be moving through a few exploratory and gentle yoga postures.


Those joining this session will be given instructions for DIY Transformative Mindfulness Meditation and the chance to win a FREE BLACK PEARL SESSION with Amie at Sanctuari.


March 15 | Yogic Exploration* with Lori Berenz

7PM to 830PM

“I think to sacrifice is her very inner nature. Very rarely do you find a woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice.”


Geeta Iyengar was a pioneer in adapting the ancient practice of yoga specifically for women. She felt strongly that women play important roles in society and within their household and that, in order for a women to feel supported, the practice needed to be adapted for the specific needs of women who, as Geeta wisely pointed out, have so many more hormonal changes to adapt to.


In this session, we will explore women’s health and well-being through a guided sequence aimed at addressing the issues that affect modern women the most.  Sleep, digestion, energy levels, and how to take care of ourselves during the different phases of our monthly cycles/moon cycles.  There will be time for questions and space will be held for other practices such as pre and post-natal, restorative and invigorating poses.  


This session will be accompanied by a printable sequence so that you can continue to practice afterwards.


There will be a list of props and suggestions on how to turn regular household items into props sent out prior to the session.

March 22 | Invoking Your Intuition* with Vanessa Benlolo

7PM to 830PM

What does it feel like to follow your intuition? What wisdom is held within you? What does your intuition share with you in terms of what you would like to create? 


Every wise woman has embraced her intuition and the innate wisdom within her being. The Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of rebirth ~ equal day and equal night ~ lending itself to a powerful vibration of creation and manifestation energy.


Join Vanessa Benlolo for an honouring of the Spring Equinox and an exploration of the intuition and wisdom you hold within. We will journey, journal, and express as wise women do. As each of us shares our wisdom, we will experience the energy of the collective wise women. The earth is deeply aching for our voices to be heard and for the seed of our wisdom to be planted.

March 24 | From Myth to Empowerment* with Shayne Henderson

7PM to 830PM

How our body moves can be influential to our core and pelvic floor health. So often our concerns are disregarded as “normal”. This evening, we will discuss these myths and explore life hacks to optimize how our body functions. 


Please come in comfortable clothes, have space where you can lie down, and any props you may have (rolled towel/bolster, yoga blocks, straps).

Wise Women | Full Moon Circle


Join us, March 28th, in the energy of the full Worm Moon

for a gathering of hearts and souls.

2PM to 5PM*


As the WISE WOMEN SUMMIT & month of shared wisdom comes to an end we gather to hold space for one another, to celebrate the growth of our kinship and community, to learn and to practice as a collective.

During this deliciously deep afternoon we will explore the following:







Why A Circle?  

A circle is the set of all points in a plane that are equidistant from the centre.  All lines that lead into the centre are equal.  The circle represents vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection.  Sitting in a circle indicates that we are ready to listen and learn.  The circle is a dominant symbol in nature and has come to represent wholeness, completion, and the cycles of life.  In choosing this symbol, we want to acknowledge that each of us has an important role to play.

*all events are virtual

All registration enrolls you in the 5 Wise Women Gatherings AND the Wise Women Full Moon Circle.

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