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Your body, intuition and Mother Nature have been offering you guidance your whole life - are you ready to attune to this wisdom and engage with transformation?

Cyclical Wisdom for Empowered Living

A heroine's journey of our inner and outer seasons for women of all ages
explored through traditional feminine wisdom + practices.

did you know

As women the circadian [solar] rhythm is our secondary cycle. That's right, we do not primarily run on a 24 hour clock. Our energy is informed by the infradian rhythm which is quite a bit longer, in fact it matches our menstrual cycle or the cycle of the moon. No wonder our motivation and energy levels ebb and flow as they do. Connecting with the phases of your monthly cycle offers illumination, healing and empowerment in all facets of your life.


knowledge has a beginning but no end.

- Geeta Iyengar

As we travel through each season, learning, loving, releasing, healing, building and evolving you will find yourself deeply attuning to your own cyclical nature. Much like Geeta's quote above, this journey is a life long partnership with evolution that continues to unfold overtime.

Sacred Seasons | Embracing Womanhood

Join us for a trip around the sun and spend a whole year shining light on the gifts of your cycle.
During our time together you will recieve:
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Workshops are attuned to the current season and offer knowledge and practices from many traditions including Iyengar yoga, herbalism and wholistic reproductive wellness.


We'll meet you in your inbox at the start of each week with information, inspiration, practices and recipes for you to connect with throughout the month.


Each season we will offer a virtual opportunity to connect and support you on your journey, discuss challenges + successes and answer your questions.


Welcome kit abundant with nourishing goodies

Online library of practices and tools

PDFs for reference and support

Continued connection for the duration of the series

Access to a collective of likeminded women

Get to know Lori + Amie
with this

free mini practice

includes an intro to the Iyengar menstrual practice
and a guide to spices for womb care

We are grateful for your interest. May these practices invite you to engage with yourself in new ways.

We Are Here Because

We know the challenges of trying to work, live, love and play in a world built of the masculine. We have also done great amounts of learning and healing through reconnecting with our feminine cycles. We have experienced meaningful transformation in our relationships, careers, health, wellbeing and even our cycles.

We celebrate the strength, release, wisdom and intuition that is available by attuning to your natural rhythms and we want to share our combined experiences with you!

Sacred Season Guides



Join us for a FREE evening introduction to

Sacred Seasons | Embracing Womanhood

Monday, October 16 @ 730pm

Yoga Journey in Collingwood, ON

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What are the dates for the in-person workshops? All workshops are hosted on SATURDAYS from 1 to 5pm. 2023 dates Nov 18 + Dec 16 2024 dates Jan 20, Feb 24, Mar 23, April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, Aug 10 + Sept 21

What is the cost of this offering? There are two payment options available: • Payment in full of $2700+hst • 12 monthly payments of $244+hst

If I am in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause will I find value in this offering? We strongly believe that you will. There can be great healing through reflection and release in body, mind and spirit. You also do continue to cycle even if your bleeds have shifted or come to completion. The Wise Woman offers us all even keeled wisdom that comes from traversing the emotional storms of the maiden and mother. At this time in life you attune to cycle with the moon and are more connected with the outter seasons.

Do I need to be an experienced yogini to attend this offering? Absolutely not! We are here for all bodies of all abilities in all stages of life. Any yoga practiced in workshops or offered as home practice will be accessible to all. It is not something you need to have love for to get the most out of your Sacred Seasons journey. It is an ancient practice that can offer us a way to connect with the body and offer harmony where there may be disharmony.

I cannot attend all the workshops. Is there a make up time or will these be available online? We will not be recording any live workshops. We will however send out a recap of each workshop along with all materials and helpful links.

What is the monthly commitment in person and onine? The month begins in your inbox where you will recieve weekly emails connecting you to the theme of the month and keep you engaged on your journey with inspiration, journal prompts, recipes, home practices and more. We will meet in person once a month for a 4 hour workshop. These are held on Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm. See the list of dates above. Each season there is an optional virtual Q+A session. There will also be bonus content sprikled throughout the year that will most often be online.

Learn More

Sacred Seasons | Info Night

Monday, October 16 @ 730pm


register HERE

Sacred Seasons | One day workshop

Saturday, October 21 - 1pm to 5pm

investment $111 +hst

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Sacred Seasons | Embracing Womanhood

Starts November 1st through September 2024

Investment $2700 +hst [monthly payment plan available]

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Lovingly Commit


Wisdom of the Seasons

We created this year long series as an opportunity to journey through each season with guidance, inspiration and continued support. We know life gets busy and it's easy to put self healing and evolution on hold. By crossing the threshold into compassionate community you'll have the knowledge and encouragement you need to live from your heart in all areas of your life.


The seasons as describe below offer a glimpse of bridges we will build between our outer and inner worlds.


wild woman

luteal phase


The inner season of autumn or your luteal phase offers the energy of completion. This is a time to declutter and organize, much like you would outwardly prepare for the arrival of winter. This is the season of the wild woman.




As the cold darkness of winter calls us to slow down and turn inward, so does menstruation. The crone or wise woman inside us asks us to pause, rest and reflect on what is working for us and what needs to change.


follicular phase


During the follicular phase the energy of creativity begins to grow, we return to the feeling of awakeness and wanting to get out in the world. This is a beautiful time to plan, move your body and be adventurous.




We reach our peak outward energy as ovulation arrives. Time to socialize, create and get lost in projects. The energy of our inner mother encourages us to speak our needs and have important conversations.

Sacred Seasons | Embracing Womanhood
has been curated for you.

If you find your self wanting more in life, if you long to feel empowered + grounded in your life in a way that lovingly cycles with the inner and outer seasons, you have landed in the right place.

If any of the areas below are familiar, this annual series is for you.

The most important takeaway we'd like you have have are tools, strategies, wisdom that truly fit into your 'REAL LIFE'.

When we are aware then we can start to pay attention and engage with transformation.

Amie + Lori have one aspiration, which is

Helping women find their way through the proverbial mud and back to themselves.


Sign Up Before

October 15, 2023


And receive

One 60 minute, private session with Lori Berenz

One, 60 minute session with Amie Young


Free registration to

Sacred Seasons | One day workshop

October 21, 2023

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Ready To Engage With The Healing Power of Your Cycle

The journey begins November 1, 2023.

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