• Amie Young

let the sun shine in

We all know that February is associated with hearts and love. Let me offer you a taste of something a little different, that feels incredible! For well over a decade I have been practicing the idea of sharing sunshine in the month of February. This was introduced to me by a very dear friend and her inspiring mom.

February can be a tough month. The brilliant New Year energy has slowed its momentum, grey days generally outnumber the sunny and temperatures often keep us indoors. Add to this the energy of the past two years and we have the recipe for a challenging time of year.

What does it mean to share sunshine? For me it means thinking of those I love and sending something unexpected and incredibly bright in the mail. (Getting mail is the BEST!) This is something I continue to this very day. In fact I was just planning my February Sunshine yesterday.

How can you share the sunshine?

Start with YOURSELF | Write a loving affirmation on your bathroom mirror, do something you love once a day, enjoy a walk on a beautiful day, prioritize bright colours in your environment and even wardrobe, start an appreciation practice, put on your favourite music and dance!

Sharing with OTHERS YOU KNOW | Share unexpected kindness, joy and love with those you know and adore. Send mail, enjoy a good catch up on the phone, pop in for a visit, bake a cake, sing a song, share something you created, give flowers, tell them why you think they are incredible, extra long hugs, do something kind for them.

Sharing with OTHERS YOU DON’T KNOW | SMILE! Open doors, shovel a bit more of the sidewalk than usual, put extra change in parking metres, say hello, tell them something nice you noticed about them, walk down the street with a spring in your step (trust me, people notice) or volunteer your sunshiny heart to those in need.

Because February can be tough, because we are in need of so much self care, healing safe space, I wanted to do something for YOU.

For the entire month of February I am offering ALL single services at 50% off!

| this includes | Reiki Black Pearl Facial Reflexology & Foot Reflexology

Why? Because you are worth it and I gladly chose to make my services as accessible as I possibly can so that you can connect with your inner sunshine and together we can help share more light with the world.

When booking your session use the code below to save! SUNSHINE222

This offering is available for the entire month of February! You are welcome to book as many sessions as you like. Share with a friend or loved one. This code can be used for sessions booked in February 2022 ONLY. If your session is rescheduled by you, to a date outside of February you will be charged the full amount for the session.

I’d LOVE to hear how you share sunshine with yourself and with others! Feel free to send me your favourite ways to spread love and cheer. Wishing you a beauty filled February! xo Amie

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