• Amie Young

tuesday, may 10th | 630pm

Let's pause, set down the busyness of the day and ground into the present moment.

What can we really learn from our intuition?

Your intuition can provide you with all the guidance you will ever need, in all areas of your life. This is a big statement I know. Your intuition deserves such boldness because it is truly your greatest super power. It protects you, motivates you and nourishes you, excellerating you towards your soul's purpose. Growing your connection with your intuition can help you find the best foods for your body, understand the best ways to communicate with others, give you the courage to make big changes in your life, encourage you to release what is not working, heal deep wounds and explore the inner workings of yourself from a safe place.

Spend the evening exploring your intuitive connection. Learn how you can tap into your body's self healing energy and wisdom. Take a look at what is showing up in your life right now and learn a few techniques to invite shifts into these places.

Workshop includes |

  • full 60 minute workshop

  • guided meditation

  • Q&A period

  • Options for continued support

  • $25 discount off full Awaken Your Inner Healer Series

Investment | $25 +hst

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