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relax | rebalance

Reiki is the life force energy, prana, or qi that flows through all things. It is what animates us. Coincidentally it can make us feel good and facilitate healing while bringing harmony to your mind, body & spirit.

A Reiki session provides gentle holistic support that focuses on your whole self leaving you feeling relaxed and XXX

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Reiki invited me to listen to my inner Self with clarity and compassion. It offered me a way to connect with the world around me and most of all it helped me feel safe in my body.⁠
- amie

reiki can help with

  • emotional wellness

  • stress reduction

  • pain relief

  • times of transition (loss, life changes...)

  • immune support

  • sleep challenges

  • anxiety & overwhelm

  • feelings of loneliness or disconnection

what can i expect during a reiki session?

During a Reiki session you lie fully clothed on a massage table, supported by props and covered with a blanket. I practice hands on Reiki and work intuitively to connect with each system of your body. Each session begins with a check-in and lasts 60 - 90 minutes, dependant on booking.