awaken your inner healer

ignite your intuition
12 weeks
to dive in and
explore your magnificence

you are a healer

How does it feel to read that?

Read it again and notice where you feel it in your body. Does it ring true? Does it seem crazy?

I will share something I know and that is, within you there is the powerful, innate ability to bring health and harmony to your body and your life! On top of this you are the only person who truly knows what you need.

Juicy stuff right!

are you ready?

awaken your inner healer



I am here to work with women like you, to facilitate strength, trust in intuition and your innate healing abilities. Because we all have them! I believe that you are your own healer, whether you seek external support or not,

YOU are ultimately the healer.

This program is for you if you are ready to commit to your healing path.

My intention is to hold space as you connect with your BODY, your INNER WISDOM and your HIGHER PURPOSE. 

As a collective we have largely lost confidence and trust in our knowing what is best for us. Does connecting with yourself as a healer mean you will never need outside assistance? NO. What it does mean is that you will be able to take your power back, gain better insights regarding the type of support you need, provide yourself with a healing foundation, look at your circumstances through many lenses (emotional, energetic, physical, mental) and create boundaries that support your optimal wellbeing.

Take a moment to connect with your heart.
Is today the day you Awaken Your Inner Healer?
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Through this series my intention is that you connect with what it is to feel safe & well in your own body and feel empowered by your intuitive wisdom to make the best choices for you.

does this sound like you?

  • often tired

  • experiencing brain fog

  • not feeling like 'yourself'

  • longing for better sleep

  • tired of trying everything and still not feeling better

  • frustrated with the answers you are getting (or not getting) in regards to your health

  • finding yourself stuck in old and unhealthy patterns

  • noticing tension in your body and/or relationships

  • wanting to bring new experiences, people and feelings into your life 

  • tired of being told what to do, how to be and act by the outside world

  • longing for something bigger in your life

  • know you have gifts that are ready to shine and want help revealing them

During this 12 week immersive series you will learn how to find the origins of perceived challenges in your life, connect with the messages your body is sending you and understand how to engage with transformation.

Amie is such an incredibly gifted being. I have deeply enjoyed the Awaken Your Inner Healer sessions. They were completely custom created to support me, and I found myself not only really looking forward to each one in advance but feeling so balanced and peaceful after each one. I am transforming in such a beautiful way with the guidance of Amie and her highly tuned intuition and gifts. It has been an extraordinary experience to receive so much more than I could have even imagined.

shelly | collingwood, ON

awaken your inner healer

12 week guided series

weekly one-on-one sessions (2hrs ea.)
12 full holistic treatments (reiki, reflexology, etc.)
continuous support
self care strategies

unique & personalized sessions

curated modalities & treatments


I am new to alternative healing practices and I feel so fortunate to be working with Amie. She is the most warm, patient and welcoming person. She is opening me up to so many different practices that I didn't even know existed. I've done Reiki, Black Pearl, Reflexology and Yoga Nidra and am feeling more calm, more trusting of my body than ever before.

Leith | Collingwood, ON

how do weekly sessions work?

During our time together we meet once a week for 2 hours. What happens during this time is largely dependent on what is going on in your life and your goals/desires. Our first session will consist of an intake session where I will get to know you, your body and the areas you would like to strengthen, explore and release. Each session following we will spend some time talking, meditating and using a variety of holistic techniques. You will also receive a full treatment from me (reiki, yoga, meditation, black pearl, facial reflexology, foot reflexology...) each time we meet. 

what's in it for you?​

awaken your inner healer includes​

       24 hours of focused one on one time

       12 full healing sessions

       a complete series designed with you, to meet your unique needs

       deepened connection with your intuition

       inner healing & harmony 

       techniques you can use throughout the rest of your life

       committed time to engage with transformation in a safe space, on your own terms

       continued support through out the series (email, supportive materials and tools)

       experienced, compassionate guidance and care

   step one   


with me where I will answer any of your questions, share more about the program and discover if this series is the right fit for you.

   step two   


as they fit in your life to make sure we are serving you best.

   step three   


open your heart and prepare to engage with yourself

and your life in new, empowering ways.

$2600 +hst

(payment plans available)

let curiosity stoke the fire within you
as you surrender and invite your heart to show you the way
for it has always known how